My Story


Tracing back, I realized that God has been there guiding me since childhood. My journey with Jesus began when I heard His voice.

I was not a believer of Christ and was born into a Buddhist-Taoist family. We have both Buddha statue and a Taoist altar at our rented 1 room HDB flat. Within small confined space at home, I slept beside the altar every night, facing it. I took up Buddhist Studies for my Cambridge O Level Exams. Got a grade of B3. With a diploma, I joined the Air-force as an aviation technician for 13 years, and becomes the real estate Realtor.

I was married with a boy. My world came crashing down into a chaotic state, ending with a divorce, financial difficulty and mental depression. Things I thought I knew, doesn't seems to make sense anymore. There is no meaning to life and I hated everyone around.

My Buddha and God didn't come to my rescue, as I thought. I picked myself up and survived my financial crisis and re-married and was working harder then ever. On an occasion, met an old friend and witnessed his change and was impressed by an aural he was emitting.

With his guidance, I start going to church with my son, every Sunday. I felt I have short changed my son and hope to make it up, by giving him a different mindset and hope that he will get blessings I didn't have.

One day after a year, I heard His voice while I was working. God's Voice - “Stop!”. Then followed by a whole package of God touching experience, involving crying, kneeing and praying. Praying to know the Truth and promised to follow Him.

God gave me a hunger for His Words and The Truth. Despite being dyslexic, I attended the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults and DISCIPLE Leaders' Training for the next 4 years. Changing work profile to make time for studies while providing for the family. Working closely for the less fortunate and sharing the gospel becomes my top priority.