Adalena Koh

AC Limo Airport Transfer
September 4, 2018

Before I became a Christian, my life was often miserable and full of trials and problems. I was told that when I was still a baby, I was sold off by my father and my grandmother found out and bought me back. Then it was my mother who gave me away to the babysitter and my grandmother found out and had to rescue me again. After my parents’ divorce, it was my grandmother who brought me up. My mum was a temple medium and I was a preacher in the temple.

I was only 20 years old when I got married to a man after knowing him for only 3 months. My grandmother objected strongly but I went ahead. My husband and I had a stormy relationship. After the birth of my second daughter, I got divorced. Being young and having to take care of 2 young children, I felt that life was meaningless. I was lost and I lived in sin and darkness. I hated men and I hated the world. I would drink and smoke every day. I wished to drink to my death but I didn’t die. I lived in darkness for years, until I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

In 2008 I attended Life BP Church and learnt about who God really is and His truth. I was born again on 20 May 2008 and I dedicated my life to God. I thanked God for His grace and for leading me out of darkness. From that day on, I wanted to love God, to serve Him and obey Him. That same year I suffered from Auto-immune problems. My body swelled, pain attacked every area of my body and I could not walk. I needed my helper to carry me from the bed to the toilet and I could not close my fingers. I could not feed myself and the injections I had could not stop my pain which was excruciating. I could not sleep for days and nights. One night, in total desperation I prayed for sleep in the name of Jesus, and He answered my prayer and gave me peace and rest. My pain slowly subsided and I could stand and walk! I decided to give my life to Jesus and to follow Him.

Due to financial issues, I had no choice but to move to Blk 15 Toa Payoh to live with my grandmother. At that time, I was still on a wheelchair. I prayed to serve God. One day, God blessed me with a lot of fishes through my sister who saw the fishes jumping on the surface of the water whilst she was at a beach one night. She got a net and hauled in more than 90 fishes. That was the first time I distributed fish to my neighbours at Blk 15. After that first time, we regularly received 50 to 100 fishes or 15-50 kg of fish which we distributed to our neighbours and we reached out to help many needy families. By God’s grace, these fish helped me to get to know some of the neighbours and I had opportunities to pray for them. God healed some of the elderly and we started the ministry of reaching out to the elderly and needy. Some even came knocking on my door and asked for prayer. I was able to tell them about the gospel and some of them came to accept the Lord. Slowly, we were able to gather a small group to meet often to worship and learn more about God.

I thank God for using me despite my physical condition. I enjoy serving Him and sharing His goodness with the needy and seeing them grow spiritually. The Word of God had transformed some of them. They stopped their bad habits, stopped praying to idols and became Christians. At the ages of 70 or 80, it is not easy to change, but God can bring about the change. On Sundays most of the elderly attend the Mandarin service and some attend the English service in TMC.

My plans are to set up a centre for fellowship and can provide meals to the needy, equip volunteers to tell stories and to serve the elderly.

I would also like to create jobs for single mothers or needy families by teaching them new skills. They can join our equipping programs like, cooking, baking, art, music and story telling , etc. These courses are designed to build their confidence and to help them find out their strengths and create jobs for them or bring them back to work in the society. With God’s provision and blessing, this plan may come to fruition.

I thank God for the privilege of being called to serve Him in this ministry and the joy of being able to share the gospel message to others and to be a blessing to them. I thank God for this ministry and may God continue to grant me strength and wisdom to serve Him by reaching out to the elderly, poor and needy.